Care hotels

As part of our regular business with German health insurance companies, we specialize, among other things, in the implementation of health resort programs in Croatia, which through our activities can be integrated into German health insurance programs.
Croatia follows a century-old tradition of spas and offers its guests a wide range of spas and rehabilitation hotels and centers.They are often undiscovered in many respects and are rarely found on spa maps of Europe.

The mission of Elderly Care d.o.o. is to integrate them into the European prevention program. Whether along the coast or in the hinterland, you will find adequate treatment and a pleasant environment in every place.

Elderly Care d.o.o. implements the standards and quality set by the German health insurance companies in rehabilitation and care hotels, which specialize in various clinical images in the fields of pneumology, dermatology, psychology and orthopedics.

Furthermore, Elderly Care d.o.o. conducts negotiation activities with German health insurance and represents spas and hotels throughout the negotiation process.