Elderly Care

Elderly Care d.o.o. is certified by the recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality management and directed by current EU health rules. The company´s goal is to establish these principles for Croatian clients.

Our services

Elderly Care d.o.o. is a newly established company that offers mediation, consulting and negotiation services in the field of healthcare. We as a team and your business partner strive to provide all our clients with the best and most effective solutions. Our team currently consists of people who by working in accordance with quality management according to ISO standards, maintain high company standards, and in comparison with other companies in the Croatian market stands out in this area of activity. Security and a high level of professionalism are a very important aspect for us. Therefore, we approach each of your topics individually and strive to achieve your planned goal by working together. Our field of activity is very diverse, just as the health caresystem is diverse in itself.

Organized housing

Our focus of activities lies in advising and supporting clients in the planning and construction of facilities for organized housing as well as the coordination of all other activities related to them. Only in this way it is possible to ensure and guarantee the necessary level of quality, security and satisfaction to the end users of organized housing services.

Care hotels

As part of our regular business with German health insurance companies, we specialize, among other things, in the implementation of health resort programs in Croatia, which through our activities can be integrated into German health insurance programs.