Elderly Care

Elderly Care d.o.o. is certified by the recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality management and directed by current EU health rules. The company´s goal is to establish these principles for Croatian clients.
Marija Vrdoljak

Marija Vrdoljak

Managing Director

I was born in Haan near Wuppertal in 1980, but I grew up and currently live in Munich where I have been working in healthcare sector for more than 20 years. I have 3 children with my husband.

Vast experience in German helthcare system in the area of board of directors Bavaria and supply coordination for general practitioners, including innovations in the field, have inspired me to bring my knowledge with me to my homeland Croatia. New challenges and a huge potential for home care and even a senior village in the sunny country of the European Union-Croatia, inspired me to turn my knowledge into action right there.

As your contact person, you will always see me being positive with a great sense of organization and humor and determined to do the task, all while remaining polite and ready to fulfill your wishes.

As an experienced leader, I'm used to providing individual services to individual needs and am usually able to perform all that with ease and optimism. I spend my leisure time with my family or volunteering which I do with all my heart.
Dancing is one of my hobbies and I consider it a pure form of happines!

Goran Todorović

Goran Todorović


I was born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia. After graduating from nursing high school at 19, I moved to Gauting, a smaller city approximately 20 kilometers south of Munich. At first, I was employed as a nurse in a specialized respiratory clinic Asklepios Munich - Gauting. After spending several years working at an intensive care unit and specializing in respiratory therapy, I devote myself to treating patients, especially in the fields of inhalation therapy and noninvasive respiratory support. Long-lasting and continuous work in the field has provided me with experience and expertise.

After graduating Bachelor´s and Master´s Degree I assume the role of a head of quality management at specialized respiratory clinic Asklepios Munich - Gauting. During the next several years, I take many responsible roles at the Bavarian Hospital Association, Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety as well as at the Bavarian Association of Health Insurance Doctors.

My greatest strengths are definitely the social and professional competence I posses and the number of acquaintances I have acquired in the Bavarian healthcare system due to years of experience.

My favorite way to spend my free time is with my wife and 2 kids as well as in my small vineyard. That's where I get the strength and inspiration for new business ventures and projects.

It’s better to laugh once than take a medication 3 times

Saying from Münsterland, Germany

The focus and goal of our activities is the application of European, primarily German norms and standards in the Croatian healthcare system, such as homes for the elderly and infirm, organized housing facilities and other healthcare institutions.


Over 20 years of experience
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